Saturday, December 10, 2016

Give Your Breast Some Attention.

To ladies, the breast is a massive flesh with a tube to feed the baby. It can be heavy, discomforting, sometimes annoying, and may make one itch at unpleasant times.
For some ladies, they want it smaller, some want it bigger while some wish they can be free from the public stare of the breast.

I don't need to bore the ladies with the challenges of having a breast, pretty sure they won't understand.
But for babies, coughs, sorry I meant men, they can't help but appreciate the breast. It's one of the ten wonders of life, have no idea what the remaining nine are.
If men are attracted by what they see, the breast is the number one thing some wish to see. If men are tempted to touch anything, the breast is one of the things they wish to touch.
Every mature lady knows that the breast is not only meant for babies as God designed it but it's meant for our special kind of babies, I mean baby men (lol). Sure they do know that it's a pound of flesh with a tube called nipples, but it has a way of engaging the most powerful and the most stubborn man in the 'other room'..
I'm not writing this to embarrass anyone but to remind ladies that men don't joke with emm those pound of flesh on your chest. Though they don't really say it, but it's pretty obvious whenever you're in the other room.
You need to learn how to package your bosom, and use them to achieve your result in your marriage or relationship. You need to learn how to package them in your dressing and give them some dignity.
Tying wrapper every now and then is not in your best interest, nor does wearing oversize dress like a monk. There are some dresses that brings out the elegance in you. If you're married, you need to play with your cleavage, feed his eyes and entice his soul, and his small boy.
Don't be careless with your breast, or think that he doesn't care about them . Even if you are nursing a baby, always package your body so that you will also nurse your husband .
Even if they're all sagged , with a good bra, you will still give him something to look forward to.
Stop keeping your money , food , or objects inside your bra, that's not nice okay, or wear dresses that makes the breast look like a football pitch.
Irrespective of the size of breast that you're endowed with, there's no need to hide it or downplay it's significance, but let your breast compliment your outlook, in moderation I must add.
Since men are thirsty for something to drink, let's not fail to pamper them and ease off the pressures of life from their nerves.
God didn't bless women with breast only for babies, he wisely placed it close to the face to accentuate the beauty of a lady, and give men one reason to consider marriage, and a romantic evening.
Do have a breastful sorry beautiful weekend.

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