Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How Do I Make My Husband Enjoy Sex?

Good day ma. God bless you real good ma for being a relationship saviour (smiling). Ma,  I got married last Saturday but entry (sex) has been very painful.
I only enjoy it few minutes after insertion,
I guess my vaginal opening is too tight and his manhood too big as well....
Here is my question:
(1) How do I expand my vagina?
(2) How do I make my husband enjoy sex without feeling bad as if he is wicked because I do scream when he is about inserting....
God bless you as I anticipate your response ma. Thanks.

Congratulations on your wedding, and welcome to the world of sex, sorry marriage.
It's an amazing, exciting and exploratory world where you have the freedom to experiment with sex and yes enjoy sex to the fullest.
Contrary to what you think, your vagina can accommodate even something bigger than your husband's penis (lol, you don't need to scream). You don't need to panic or get worried, God have already given you all that your vagina needs to enjoy sex with your husband.
The first thing is for you to relax your mind and heart, and open your body, ears, eyes, mind and soul, and allow your husband to bring out the sexual prowess in you.
Make the room as comfortable as you desire, decorate it with your favourite colours, get a good romantic music, something soft and soothing, possibly your best romantic song.
Wear something that is seductive and vicious, entice him with the striking features of your body, and adore your bed with your presence.
Encourage him to take it nice and slow, a good romance and caressing will definitely make you feel loved and relaxed. He shouldn't rush down to the vagina because the vagina takes time to wake up for penetrative sexual intercourse.
If he can give you a head, suck your nipples, caress your body, massage your back and buttocks, and gently kiss your lips while whispering sweet nothings to your ears, your vagina will definitely get engorged for penetrative sex.
You can also keep a water based lubricant so that if your vaginal wall is not wet enough for penetrative sex, you can apply it on his penis and on your vaginal walls for smooth operation.
Sometimes what brings pains during sex is vaginal dryness, so when everything is wet and lovely, sex becomes heaven on earth experience.
You don't need to do something extra to expand your vagina because child birth will definitely have an impact on your vagina, and by then you won't even desire for vaginal wall expansion but for contraction.
You can make your husband enjoy sex by relaxing your mind, and experimenting with positions that gives him maximum penetration, and deepest pleasure.
Positions like the missionary, the doggy style (entering from behind) and sex in the shower may be perfect for newly married couples.
You also need to communicate with him , find out how he enjoys sex , what you can do to make him experience orgasm in bed , his erotic zones , and his sexual fantasies .
Be yourself , be open , be real and don't fake or pretend about anything .
Just like you already know, don't fail to breastfeed him, I mean he's your first baby, and I can only imagine how much he prayed to explore this moment with you and... you alone
No matter how good or otherwise sex with him was , both of you can improve on it with more practise.
With time, you will realise that a thick penis is perfect for a tight vagina.
Until then, please don't be shy, you're married, enjoy your sex with your husband, and happy married life again.


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