Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I'm Scared of the Introduction.

Dear Amara, please post this for me because I need advice on what to do. 
My boyfriend and I have been dating since 2010. Am a Ghanaian based in Ghana and he is a Nigerian base in UK. We met on Facebook, it was like a joke in the beginning but we developed and it became special. 
The first two years into the relationship, he came to Ghana to see me and have been coming every year after to see me.
He's a wonderful man with a good heart and he said I am special to him. My family has heard a lot about him but haven't really met him officially likewise his family has heard about me but haven't met. 
I have been worried about the relationship and sometimes suggest we stop dating and be friends, since I can't forget about him totally because he also my friend aside the relationship and also helped me to set up a company in Ghana. But whenever I bring that up, he tells me to be a little more patient because he's trying to get something after that he will fulfill all his promises. I have been waiting patiently but have been scared too. Since the beginning of this year, he told me to pray for him to get his citizenship he was working on, and once he gets it, he will make me proud. 
Just last month, he broke the news that he got the citizenship. I was happy for him though but got more scared he might change. Now he has informed me that he is coming down to Nigeria in about two months time, and will come to Ghana to introduce himself to my family and let them know his intentions. He will also take me to Nigeria to introduce me to his family too. Now I want opinions and advice from the house, since am happy we are taking the relationship to the next level but am scared more to take that step too.

I'm certain that you know a thing or two about his family and the culture of his family. This is the best time to learn one or two things about them, and prayerfully prepare to meet with them. 
Don't get worried, you're not alone nor will anyone hinder your relationship if God have ordained both of you. Just pray that God will perfect all that concerns your relationship, and grant the very desires of your heart. 
Look forward to the introduction, get something that's unique in Ghana as a token to them. 
Be your best, be positive, and be calm within your spirit, God is in control and will grant you favour in his family.

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