Sunday, December 4, 2016

Single or Married?

People now go into marriage with the mindset that it will end someday. You now hear men and women advise friends/relatives to protect and watch their back. Married couples are now encouraged to lie to each other all for material things.

Men are advised not to have the wife's name in business and financial documents. Women are told never to let their husbands name go into anything they own. They are advised to lie and possibly steal from the man for security. Some men would rather have their brother's name on their business and property instead of their wife's. What I have always seen happen to such men at death is that their labor all go in vain. The brother, instead of giving the business and money to his brother's wife and children uses it for his own wife and children. Don't think they love you; they can't love you more than your spouse and children. The love ends the very day you go down the grave.

Some will even volunteer to help her save the stolen money. The most painful part of this is seeing parents encourage their married daughters to steal from their husband. What a shame! A friend's marriage ended the very day he got to the in-laws only to find all the designer wears missing from his wardrobe. It happened that the wife who was secretly building in her father's house was also stealing his things and sending to her brother. Well, today she's back to her father's house and no money to steal again. The building is still unfinished and the same mother and siblings who encouraged her to do all that now heap daily insults on her. No money, no friend.

Some women, instead of building with their husband, go to the father's house to build in their brothers' name. I know a woman whose husband and children are miserable but she sends everything to her brothers. I know another whose husband had a bank case, he was locked up when he told his wife to sell his property and use the money to pay the bank. His property was sold only for the woman to send the money to her sister's husband who wanted to make some profits from it while the husband suffered in jail. Well, the guy somehow found his way out and that was the end of the marriage.

You bought the land in your brother's name, built in his name, and collects rent in his name. Don't worry, just wait until the day you are sent packing by the man; that's the day you will know that you don't own the property. Be wise.

I am worried. Is it really worth it? Are you really married? Are you sure yours is not a case of two good actors cohabiting? Do you know the meaning of love? What happens to children raised in such an environment where you both play the game of deceit? How do you close your eyes at night beside someone you don't trust? Why eat from a woman you don't trust?

I believe in being truly one with my spouse.
You have no reason, no good reason to lose your peace all for material things. Why tell him or her "I love you" when it's obvious that yours is just a game of deceit? Why get married hoping that it will come to an end someday? Even if it comes to an end someday, you shouldn't go into marriage with a negative mindset.

And you Mr. Husband, help your wife not to become a thief overnight. It is your duty to protect, cherish, and nurture the woman you call wife. You are a failure if you cannot nurture that woman. But madam, no material thing is worth your soul. If you are married to a selfish Aradite, please find something to do to earn money. But if you find yourself with a selfish Aradite who also won't let you work, I don't know what to say, only God will see you through.

We need to save future generations. We need to go back to God's principles of marriage. We need to stop fighting so hard and playing this game of deceit just for material things. Marriage is not a contract; marriage is a divine covenant.
Yes, you are married before the world; are you married before God?


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