Saturday, December 3, 2016

Should I Accept My Cousin's Advice?

Good day ma, how are you doing? Please I have a problem and I need your advice. I have been in a relationship for years now and we are planning to get married next year after my NYSC by God's grace. 

Am from a poor family, my cousin brother called me last month that I should get international passport for him to work a visa for me to travel to US, even if it is visiting visa but my fiancé was not comfortable with the arrangement but later he accepted. 
Please I need your advice on this. My cousin has already started processing it, all I want in life is God's will in my life. Thanks.

That you came from an average family doesn't mean that you should settle for less or allow any man to mortgage you into marriage and subject you to marital woes. 
Coming from an average family doesn't mean that you shouldn't have a heart to heart discussion with your fiancé and plan your life after wedding, or are you telling me that if your cousin didn't press you to get a visa, you would have settled for a local wife? 
You need to ask yourself some important questions about your marriage and your future. How do you hope to bridge the communication gap between you and your partner after wedding? How do you hope to meet your emotional, financial, and sexual needs with your husband living outside the country? Where will you stay and who will you stay with? What do you hope to do after your national service, and what preparations are you making to lunch into your vision? 
You need to quit expecting the average or less, and strive for the best and the greatest in all your endeavours. You need to open up and discuss your thoughts with him to avoid a conflict of interest in the future. 
If he's living in US, there's a need for him to work towards bringing you to US to avoid exposing you to temptation and unnecessary emotional stress. 
You need to snap out of this inferiority complex and discuss extensively with your fiancé to avoid giving him an impression that you can accept anything when you know what you can accommodate as an individual.

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