Saturday, December 3, 2016

What Should I Do To Move On?

Aunty Amara I need your help, ever since my fiancĂ©e of four years left me last year April to marry someone else (though it's partially my fault because on her birthday April 12th last year I fought with her verbally), I've not been able to love again because I love her so much. 

Though I've tried to date two different ladies after she left me but I've not been able to love them. The second one that's presently with me I don't always feel comfortable with her just because the feelings is not that there and I've told her to stop coming to my side, not that I don't *** that, but I hate hurting someone because whenever she is with me I don't allow her to touch me and this is a lady that loves to be around her man. I always pity her because she deserves to be loved and she sees me as her husband to be but I know that I have no feelings for her and I can't marry out of pity but I pity this girl. Please what can I do to move on? Because anytime I'm with a lady, I always remember my ex. I'm confused at 35

The first thing you must do is to free the lady you're dating, if you are missing your ex, replacing her with another lady won't help you at all. 
Acknowledge your mistakes, learn from them and move on with your life. Though it's painful and discouraging that one year plus now, you're yet to move on with your life but it's something that you must do for your own good and your happiness. 
You can't have your ex back, she's already married and happy with her decision, you need to move on with your life. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and errors as a human, forget about relationship for now and focus on making friends. Don't let anything or anyone put you under pressure to marry because you are not emotionally and psychologically prepared for the responsibilities that comes with marriage. 
Stop waiting for your ex, you will never have her back, pray that God will lead you to a lady who will give you another reason to love and be happy again. 
I believe that if you can take your mind and heart off relationship for six months, you will heal from the wounds of your previous relationship, and be prepared to love again, but stop punishing an innocent lady for nothing.

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