Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Am Sex Starved, Help!

Good morning ma, went through your blog and I feel like sharing my plight with you and your wise counsel.
Am married to a wonderful woman ,friend and true pillar in my life. We are three years plus with two handsome boys. I was abused when I was young. Am so addicted to pornorgraphy and masturbation, that was where I could keep myself when I was young.
My wife knew about this even before we got married.
My problem is that she hardly have desire to make love to me. I can count how many times we made love in all our marriage life so far, have tried everything possible, take  her out, dinner, sing for her, even I make sure she climax anytime we did make love. I normally did oral sex on her until she climax before I could make love to her, she never reciprocate.
Have informed her mum(her dad is late) twice to talk to her. Can you imagine me open up to my mother-in-law about masturbation. My wife knew am emotional and I do masturbate to sustain but yet she is just there. Can you imagine my wife sleeping on me after going down on her, many times leaving me hanging.
We have discussed this many times yet no improvement.
There was a time I told her I will not bother her again but will seek another lady but I will make sure it did not affect our marriage.
Truly our marriage is peaceful and loving except this issues. (is sex in a week too demanding). She begs me and promises me to improve but I knew she was just doing that to appeal to me until it went down.
Am sex starved, what can I do?

Is she circumcised, or sexually abused at a tender age? Is she a puritan who feels that sex is basically for procreational purposes? What's her perception of sex and sexual intimacy as a lady? 
I will suggest that you encourage her to write to me here so that we can talk about it and find out what she could be struggling with. 
It's a taboo for a married man to be starved of sex in his marriage, and to imagine that she sleeps off while you're giving her a head is sincerely discouraging and boring. 
Please encourage her to write to me here, perhaps if she will open up to me, we will find ways to help her embrace sex in her marriage. 
Hey you guys have the license to enjoy sex, so please let her talk to me as soon as possible. 
Cheer up and be hopeful, let's hope that we can find a lasting solution to her poor sexual intimacy. Remember that extramarital affairs will never bring solution to marital challenges , so don't destroy your home and marriage by inviting strange spirits into your home. 
I am hopeful that things will get better with counsel , please stop revealing your weaknesses to your mother-in-law, it's not good for your marriage. Tell God about it and allow him to give you the grace to overcome your weaknesses .


  1. With Aunty Amara's Counsel and by the grace of God Almighty Ur marital sex life will be solved.



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