Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Who Should I Settle For?

Good afternoon Aunty Amara, I got your contact from a friend, I have this problem that is giving me sleepless nights..
Ma, I have two suitors on my neck, the first I have dated him for a year plus now. He is very serious but does not have a serious source of income but certainly not a lazy guy.
He has been begging me but I am still thinking about it committing everything to the hands of God..
The second guy lives in Malaysia, I met him online, a very nice person too. I have met his family, they accepted me and loved me as their own. This guy has spent so much on me, there is nothing he doesn't do for me, but is not as if is about the money. I am a successful hairdresser and makeup artist, I do well on my own, but the fact is that both men are good to me, very good..
If I leave the first, it will look as if it is because of money, if I leave the second he will see it that he has been wasting money since on a lady who doesn't love him, and his family will feel disappointed too..
He wants to see my people next week, please ma help me, what do I do? How do I resolve this without hurting any of them?

You have two great options in your hands, two great personalities with great vision for themselves. They all confess love and propose marriage to you, but you are the only one who knows exactly the kind of man you're looking for.
To help you, let's look at the generous suitor, what if he doesn't have money anymore, what if he doesn't give you those things that gladdens your heart, will you still be proud to call him your man? Apart from his being nice and generous to your family, who is he? What's his vision and purpose in life? Can you really say that both of you compliment each other or do you guys connect more in his niceness?
You seem to be pitying the first man, because according to you, he's been begging you and you're still praying about it. Or is it because he doesn't have the kind of job that thrills your heart?
Please do not accept anyone because of what he has done for you, nor reject anyone because of the temporary circumstances of life, none of the two is permanent, but let it be because you are comfortable with the personality and the vision of your partner.
Don't settle for cares alone, rather pray for a wholesome man who has the virtues and the personality that you can grow in love with for the rest of your life.
And one more thing, please don't deceive two men at the same time, God won't hear you that way. Go for who you love and release the other man, it's not about what others will say but about what you believe is the best for you.

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