Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Should I Quit Marriage Because of Church?

Good day ma, am a lady of 27 years old. I met my husband when I was a Muslim. I converted to Christianity so that we can build our faith together.
After work one day my husband told me he want us to
fellowship at Cherubim and Seraphim. Ma, my heart really doesn't like white garment church. Can you throw more light on the church for me.
The issue is weighing me down, I can't concentrate at the work place. Am thinking of quitting the marriage.

Cherubim and Seraphim is a denomination in Christianity that have a unique doctrine. They're popularly known as a white garment church because every member is mandated to wear white dress, and enter the church barefooted. 
If you are not comfortable with the church, kindly discuss with your husband and express your displeasure to his suggestion. If he refuses, kindly talk to someone who can intervene on your behalf, someone that your husband respects. 
I am hopeful that your husband will have a change of mind and reconsider his decision to worship at Cherubim and Seraphim church.

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