Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I Lack Boldness to Woo A Lady.

Hello ma, I love your work..  My name is Sunday, am 25, I need your advice please.
While in the university I was a focused guy always after good GPA,
so I made a decision not to pursue ladies in order to remain focused, but after graduation I find it difficult approaching ladies, is like I lack boldness doing it...
Your advice will be needed seriously, thanks ma...

  • Be calm and be yourself.

  • Always begin your conversation with compliments, ladies love it.

  • Don't be in a hurry to express how you feel about her, especially when you don't even know her personality.

  • Establish a means of communication that's convenient for you and your friend.

  • Build on your communication skills and learn how to listen more and talk when necessary.

  • Every lady is a baby, you need a lot of patience, understanding, wisdom, and strength of character to win her heart.

  • Try your best not to impose yourself on a lady, it scares them away.

  • Always have a good image presentation of yourself, look your best and have an appealing dress sense.

  • When you communicate with a lady, look into her eyes, make her feel free with you, and try your best not to sound like you're making noise instead of communicating with her.

  • When you meet a lady who loves you, everything will definitely work out in your favour.

  • Don't force it or push it, if she's for you she'll stick with you.

  • Don't die in silence, ladies don't work by faith but by communication, so open up and express yourself. If she likes you, she will stick with you. You will lose nothing saying what's on your mind.

  • Avoid giving a fake impression of your personality or trying to impress a lady. Remember if you have to fake it to keep her, you will need to fake it to sustain the relationship.

I wish you all the best in your wooing adventure, now that you're ready to mingle, pray that God will give you the grace and wisdom to discern the difference between beauty and virtue.

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