Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How Do I Know That He's Sexually Okay?

Aunt, good day, I'm in a serious relationship, we are looking at March for our Traditional wedding, the man in question loves me so much but since we started dating, we just hug because we want to wait till we are married.

My confusion is, he has never tried to kiss me or get romantic and people say it's unusual?? How do I get to know if he is attracted to me? How do I also know that he is sexually okay, because I have raised the topic of sex which should be discussed before marriage as all christian marriage counselors will advocate but he kind of pushed it aside. I have read a lot of books that stressed that one should not venture into marriage without discussing sex.
I'm just so worried, should I stop the marriage plans??

It's actually unusual for an ant to perceive sugar and not gather its friends to feast on it, it's unusual for a baby to perceive the breast and not wish to suckle, and yes there's a need for you to address this headlong with him.
I will suggest that you have a heart to heart discussion with him, ask him how he feels whenever he's with you, find out more about his perception about sex, his fantasies of sex, and why he's not so comfortable talking about sex.
Normally when you are with a man who loves you and is attracted to you, his trousers is meant to reveal something strong or something that's trying to find its way out, men call it the penis.
Even if he's really trying to abstain from sexual immorality, it won't stop him from talking about sex with you or at least expressing his feelings or attractions to you. After wedding is unlimited sexual intercourse, if he cannot talk about it now, how do you hope to talk about it when married?
Well, some individuals hide under waiting until marriage to have sex to cover some sexual dysfunctions and challenges, you need to open up to him and let him know how you feel about his attitude towards sex to avoid regrets.

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  1. Men call it the pens, & I asked to know wht women call it? Funny u ooooooo ma'am.. Well said, thank u for d piece of advice...


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