Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How Do I Break The Blood Covenant?

Have a lovely year ma. Actually this is the first time am writing to you. Please ma I need your advice and that of your lovely fans on a very big mistake I made, it's eating me up.
Am a girl of 26 years old. When I was 20 years, I was into a relationship with a guy
in which we had a blood oath that we can't leave each other.
For five years now I have not set my eyes on him. I have gone to his place, the sister said that they don't know his whereabout. Now I have a suitor that wants to marry me and I told him about it. He promised that he will help and find a solution, but  truly ma, we don't know where to start.
I have prayed over it. I only believe that all powers belong to God Almighty, and I believe that he has forgiven me. Please ma, I will be delightful if you can advice me as your sister on what to do. Thanks and God bless you.

I will suggest that you and your partner should visit his family and make enquiries about his whereabout. If they still maintain that they can't tell where he is or how they can reach out to him, I feel that the closest thing to do is to have an agreement prayer with his family and dissolve every curse or repercussions that may arise from such oath.
It's advisable that you embark on this journey with your prayer partners or church leader. You need to fast and pray with your partner to break every known or unknown yoke that may have a negative impact on your marriage and in the future.
After the agreement prayer with his family, you can go ahead and marry your partner.


  1. thank God l didn't later do blood covenant with my first love especially l found out we are not meant for each other.

  2. Blood covenant is never advice Able, May God help u n direct U on hw to solve the problem


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