Saturday, January 14, 2017

Does Giving A Head Affect Men's Health?

Good morning mummy,  blessed morning to you and the family. Please would love you to clear me on this. I love love-making and I like to explore too.

I found out my hubby doesn't like giving heads (sucking the V).  He said he never indulged in it before he married me cos he doesn't fancy it. OK, sometime ago I had to nag him and he complied, but after then he has refused to try it again. He said his system changed automatically,  I thought he was joking oooooo.
Biko(please) mummy, I will like to know, does giving heads affects some individual's health, because if it does I would like to stop bothering him with it. But I feel left out of the fun cos I like it. Thank you.

As long as you don't have any infections and you keeps your vagina neat, there is no way giving you a head will affect his health. 
What he experienced was more of a psychological reflection because that was his first time giving a woman a head. He feels that giving a lady a head will give him infection or perhaps that a lady is not so neat for such a favour. 
Well, what he needs is some time and orientation about giving a lady a head and helping her enjoy sex with him. 
While men focus much of their attention on the breast, the clitoris remains the most sensitive and the most powerful erotic zone of a lady, so sucking the vagina makes a lady reach her sexual climax within the shortest possible time. 
On your part, you need to make sure that your vagina is healthy and safe for such a sexual pleasure to avoid infecting your husband in your bid to enjoy sex with him. 
As an extra measure, you can wash your vagina just before sexual intimacy to help him feel relaxed, and as an appreciation suggestion, you may give him a blow job to let him know how much you appreciate and cherish him. 
I'm glad that you enjoy sexual intimacy with him, and I hope that you will make your sexual world as colourful and lovely as you desire.

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