Thursday, January 12, 2017

How Do I Rekindle Her Passion for Sex.

Dear Amara,
Thank you for the beautiful answers you gave to your followers.
I'm a man of 64 years of age and my wife is 54 years. We used to enjoy sex
a lot in the past. But now it is not so again.
My wife doesn't respond to my sexual demands as before. I still like to have sex with her but the problem with me is that I'm having weak erection. This problem started early last year.
Please advise me on what to do to start enjoying sex again. Though my wife is not complaining about my weak erection because she is not sexually active like before but I will be happy if she will be interested once again. Thanks.

Who said that quality sex is only for the young? Even at old age, both of you can still enjoy quality sexual intimacy and recreate sexual moments that you're proud of.
It's normal for a lady to lose interest in sex when she advances in age, the reason is, at that point she have reached menopause, the body no longer secretes estrogen which is responsible for the production of the egg, the wetness of the vagina, and her desire for sexual intimacy.
Good news is that there are supplements that she can take to rekindle her sexual passion, and you can also get lubricants to enable her not to experience pains or vaginal dryness during sexual intimacy.
You may need to focus on more foreplay to enable her relax and enjoy the beautiful moment with you.
On your own part, it's also normal for you to experience some form of weak election, it doesn't mean that you cannot enjoy sex, it may be because of your eating habit or lack of exercise or any other minor issue. 
To enhance your sexual appetite, minimise your consumption of carbohydrates and sugar, cut down on all fries and the likes, go for vegetables, and fruits.
Instead of the normal fufu or garri take wheat flour, instead of bread take biscuits, instead of red meat go for white meat or fresh fish, if possible avoid chicken and any other fries, take much fruits like water melon, carrot, guava, grapes etc.
You can also detoxify yourself by taking garlic, moringa, and fresh onions.
Exercising your body also enhances your sexual performance and helps in blood circulation in all parts of the body.
If you consume alcoholic drinks or nicotine products like coffee and the likes, you need to cut down on them and release your body from such content.
Take your time and watch your performance, and hope that you will get the results you're yearning for.
Please make sure that you examine your prostate regularly, it is very important.
As for your wife's attitude towards sex, discuss with her and suggest that both of you see a sex therapist to recommend supplements that will enhance her sexual appetite and help both of you achieve your goals in the bedroom.
Sex is sweeter even at old age because it helps couples to bond with each other, refreshes their energy and gives them one more reason to embrace one another when the children are all grown up and enjoying their youth.


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