Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What He Told Me Scares Me.

Good evening ma, happy new year.. God bless you ma for all you have been doing in our lives, the impartation is too much, we love you so much ma and only God will bless you.
Ma, I have this friend of mine working in a company but he is complaining that he is not earning much from there.
Actually he asked me for a relationship, sincerely I like him but there is something he told me that is pushing me away.
He told me to get pregnant for him first, then December, that is, after the child birth that he is taking me to see his parents at the middle belt, then from there we will be going to see my family because am from North East while he is from middle belt. Am currently doing my NYSC which I will be rounding off by March this year.
Also, not only that one, he told me surprising thing, asking me if I can have anal sex, I told him I hate that and will never do it even in a dream. That he promised to be doing it with his wife. Am a believer with the love of Christ in my heart. Sorry for long write up ma, I will be 26 by march, while he is 33. I need advice please.

Thank God that he opened up his mind to you and told you about his promises to his wife, and from your reaction it's obvious that you're not his wife, so don't border getting worried about him. 
Simply let him know that you're not his wife and bid him goodbye. 
No need for long sermon. 

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