Monday, February 13, 2017

What Should I Do to Help my Parents?

Good day Ma! God bless you for your good works and more grease to your elbow...
Am writing to you with tears rolling down my eyes. Am so depressed, so down casted and so weak because I don't know what to do.... Am currently undergoing my undergraduate program, Am 21 years...

My Problem is about my parents. Both of them are having marital problem which lead to both them to having affairs outside the home...
Ma, am tired of all these troubles, have been praying and seeking solution yet to no avail.. My mom sleeps out most times in the name of going to church and not being able to come home on time.. Am so worried about this issues right from when I was as young....
Now my dad is having an affair with one woman along my street in the name of resting.. Ma am no more concentrating with my books... Because of fight and trouble every time, am tired of crying always, please what do I do? Because am losing concentration on my academic due to all these problems....

If it is possible for you to relocate to the school hostel or you have a friend who can accommodate and support you in the mean time, please consider leaving your father's house and stay within your school environment. 
You may visit every weekend if it's convenient for you, else you may just give them some space and allow them to fight the fight of their love. 
It's quite unfortunate that you're experiencing this trauma, emotional pains, and psychological torture from your very own parents, but you may not be in the best position to help resolve their issues and challenges in their marriage. 
This is deeper than what is playing out in your family, and needs divine intervention to remedy the situation. When one partner is standing, there's a great hope that he or she can help the other, but when both are not standing, well oh well, everything is almost gone except God prevails. 
Prepare yourself for the worst, but trust God for the very best, focus on your academics, equip yourself with the skills and wisdom that you need to push beyond anything that may be a hindrance to your success in all your endeavours, and pray that God will give your parents the wisdom to address the challenges in their marriage. 
Even if you choose to talk to someone who they respect, if they don't see the need to work on their marriage, it will never yield a positive result. So my suggestion is for you to focus on that which is most important, and pray for divine intervention.

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