Saturday, February 11, 2017

What Should I Do to Rekindle our Relationship?

Good evening, I have been following your page and am happy for what you have been doing to help people. Please I need your help on this.
I met this guy from social media, it happened we came from the same place but he is not in Nigeria. But He came back this December and we met facially.
Before he came back, he told me about his ex, that he is not going back to her again.
When he was in Nigeria, we didn't see as often because he travelled to east to finish his project at hand, but we kept talking on phone. Sometimes if I call him, he will not pick but will keep telling me he is busy with his project. Even when he says he will call back, he will end up not calling back. Even when he went to Abuja he never told me, how I found out was that I called him and he told me he is in Abuja.
When he wanted to travel back, he told me a day before he wanted to travel that he is coming to Lagos and from there he will go back, we ended up not seeing.. He reached, he never put a call across to let me know if he has reached. I was the one calling him to find out if he has reached. He doesn't even call me sometimes, he keep telling me he is busy.
Please advise me on what to do because I love this guy.

The handwriting is boldly written for the blind to read and understand, but I guess you're 'truly' in love with 'him'. 
Maybe he fantasised about you before meeting with you, but he didn't connect or appreciate you so much for a serious relationship or for the kind of commitment that you wished for. 
His attitude and actions suggests that he has long, moved on with his life, but trying to pity you and make the separation less dramatic for you. 
Since you came for counselling, I will suggest that you quit calling, reaching out to him, dreaming about him or expecting a commitment from him. 
The painful truth is that he has moved on with his life, kindly appreciate yourself, the time you shared with him, and move on with your life. 

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