Friday, March 24, 2017

I'm Tired of Keeping my Virginity.

Hello Aunty Amara.
Am a young lady of 25 years, a graduate, dating a guy of 26 years. We have been in this relationship for five months before his Visa came out and he traveled abroad. Yesterday just made us one year in the relationship.
No matter his distance, we still relate very well through calls and chats. And he has promised to come back next year by God's grace and marry me.
Ever since I met this guy, I hardly respond to any other male in terms of relationship. I love him so much and that's why I don't demand anything from him even money, because my parents are always there for me.
At my age am still a virgin and he promised not to touch me till after wedding.
But now, am tired of keeping my virginity, I can't keep it any longer because it makes me feel shy when my friends are discussing about their sex experience, I will just be telling them I know many styles just for me not to feel inferior.
Now, if I lose  my virginity, I know my friend won't be happy because we said after wedding.
Please I need your advice, what do I do now?
Am tired of waiting again.

I admire your sincerity and honesty but I have a simple question for you, if you lose your virginity and acquire this sexual experience you're yearning for, what will become of your life? What if you get pregnant trying to acquire sexual experience to impress your friends that you can go any round and flex your body as you wish, what value will such add to your life?
Truth is that you're at the sexual peak of your life but if you have chosen the path to honor God with your virginity, please do not allow any peer pressure to push you into destroying your body and making a decision that you will regret. 
As much as your friends may make you look forward to having sexual intercourse and losing your virginity to any man, sex is worth waiting for, and you will be saving yourself from some avoidable risks and mistakes. 
I will suggest that you consider changing your association of friends, consider surrounding yourself with ladies who are passionate about making an impact on earth and not ladies who want to get laid. Think of life after national youth service, think of skills and vocational trainings, think of upgrading yourself academically, spiritually, mentally, financially and emotionally. 
If you feel that you can't wait for your partner, kindly terminate the relationship and consider dating a man who is close to you and won't make you feel weird dating him.

In the end, remember that you are responsible for your actions and decisions in life.


  1. And who do you wanna lose it to?....One maga that will chop and clean mouth is now preferable to a guy that chose to respect your chastity until the right time?...With this mentality at 25, Hmmm. ..wahala dey o...Many ladies out there wish they never lost it...forget the rubbish talk...I also feel you surround yourself with a group of low life friends that lack self worth and sanity....What is the aim of that stupid topic? You're a graduate and you should roll with dream chasers and people that would motivate you attain your life goals....Change your circle pls

  2. hmmmmm sweetheart i will be 27 by dec, i lost mine! NO gave it up at 20 because of association and partly because i thought i wanted to spite my parents. trust me it is and will always be the worst decision i ever made.... i knew better and i did it anyway...that is what hurts the most now whenever i think about it. but hey am who i am now because i forgave myself and moved on, there are better things you can do with your mind and imaginations than thinking of can write about it instead of actually doing it....check out


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