Wednesday, March 29, 2017

He Doesn't Last up to Twenty Seconds.

Hello good day ma, I really appreciate your the time you channelled into counseling, it has helped a lot and will continue to help, God bless you. I am a regular fan of your page, have read a lot of messages and has also contributed the little way I can to people's messages not knowing I will one day be writing and needing advice from you and your fans some day.
I am a very shy person and have always love to keep my privacy to myself but right now I guess I can't do that anymore. Though I can't bring myself to discuss this issue to anyone face to face but I think this is a good platform for me to offload myself of this huge burden I have been carrying for years now.
No one  knows about it, not even my parents only my GOD knows about it. Am in tears and serious pains as I write this.
As a young girl I feared God a lot and had wanted to keep all his commandment. I have always wanted to marry as a virgin but unfortunately I lost it to my first boyfriend at age 23. We were engaged to be married but he travelled out of the country which led to our separation after waiting for four years without dating another. Then this second man came, we became friends, I was mocked by my friends for refusing to date anyone despite that the men coming for me were rich and that now I have decided to date a man who had nothing. Really he was poor but I believed in humble begining and has always wanted to help my man achieve whatever he needs him to achieve.
To God be the Glory we got married and we are blessed with three beautiful kids. As for the poor status God lifted us tremendously, if not a 100% but 90%.
My problem is from the beginning, when we had sex, he came too quickly. When I asked why, he said he was not always like this and that maybe it was anxiety but it kept repeating itself.
We have been to several doctors for the issue of premature ejaculation. Done several tests but all the results keeps saying he is fine. Honestly he feels so bad about it and I have been dying in silence all these years. Most times he doesn't even last till twenty seconds after penetration. I have never and will never think of cheating on him because he is a good man.
Ma please if there is anyway you and your fans can help us in prayers, I so much needs those prayers now and I will really appreciate it. I am in serious pains, thank you very much ma, God bless you and your fans. 

You have arrived at Amara ultimate roots and herbs palace where we provide solutions to any quick ejaculation, and low sexual performance(lol). We believe in prayers but what is the purpose of a penis when it can't make the vagina rejoice with great joy? Why will a gorgeous loaded lady be praying and fasting for her husband when she can moan her way to sexual paradise. 
Oh daughter of Zion, weep no more, your husband will bounce back to action and you will surely smile when he hits all over your vagina and remind you why God made you a beautiful and gorgeous woman... 
First, let's work on his diet. 
Couldn't tell if he's fat or on the bigger side of life. If he's huge, please encourage him to exercise daily and burn off the fats and sugar in his system. 
Stop feeding him with meals that contains cholesterol, and excessive glucose. No more fries, chicken, groceries and the likes, let's go for vegetables, fruits, supplements and vitamins. 
Prepare fresh fruits juice with water melon, garlic, ginger, a little bit of moringa seed, white onions, and carrots. I call it fresh fruit juice but in a real sense of the word, it's actually a medicinal detoxifiers that will set his veins up for great sexual activities. 
This will greatly boost his confidence and penisidence (that's confidence of the penis) aka having erection anytime he sets his eye on you. 
Now you may need to adjust your sexual position to help him master the art of lasting a little longer. For now adopt woman on top position and take things slowly from there. 
I will definitely need to share some tips with your husband, so if he doesn't mind, please encourage him to write to me, that's the fastest way to get the solution to twenty seconds sexual intercourse. 
He's too handsome and good to last for few seconds, and his penis needs some tutorials to help you enjoy your marriage. 
Thank God that both you have three beautiful children, it's time for both of you to create your own sexual haven and enjoy your marriage. 
Cheer up okay, you will enjoy your efforts and your marriage too.


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