Wednesday, March 29, 2017

She's a Smooth Lair!

Hello Aunty, thanks for the priceless works you have been doing. A lot of lives have been touched and saved too.
Please help a confused brother here. I'm in my late 30's dating a lady in her 30's too for about two years now.
Problem is, she is a smooth liar.
The stories keeps changing, she is hyper defensive when I question her, always right, seeks attention - but I love her! I love her till it pains.
How do I go from here? I REALLY don't want a breakup. Can this be salvaged?

I wouldn't want to make conclusions based on your perception only but if you feel that she has all these flaws in her, what then do you love in her? 
Secondly, if you really love her, will you be able to cope with all her flaws for the rest of your life? 
You've known her for two years and you know that marriage is a lifetime journey, are you sure she's the kind of lady you desire as your wife? 
I will suggest that you encourage your partner to write to me if that's possible for you. 
But don't get married out of sentiments or emotions because you will certainly pay for it when your emotions can't sustain you anymore.
Whether it's salvageable depends solely on the individuals involved and your approach towards resolving the challenges confronting your relationship. 
Avoid getting married to an individual you wish to change, if you're not comfortable with who she is and her personality, it's not advisable for you to continue with her.

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