Friday, March 31, 2017

Should I Ask my Husband to Include my Name in His Investment?

Good evening ma, may God bless you richly for what you are using this forum to do. Please ma I need your counseling on this, am married to a lovely man with two cute daughters, our marriage is only three and half years.
Ma my issue is this: I want to know if it's right of me to ask my husband to include my name in our properties, the previous ones he bought before we got married was in his name but now we are married, is it okay to ask him to include my name on the previous and new properties he is acquiring now or I should just let it be? And if am going to ask him, how do I so he won't misunderstand me.
Note: his next of kin is his elder brother, that's when he's single and now he hasn't changed it. Please ma I want to know if I should bring it up or let him decide that on his own. Thanks in anticipation. 

If you are worried about it, it's only wise to talk about it and know his views and opinions on that. 
Gone are the days when you have to cage your thoughts, your perception and your ideas simply because you don't want to offend or make your partner feel bad. 
This is my suggestion, he's married to you and what it means is that his decisions will have a direct impact on you and your children.
Here is my thought, ask him what's his plans for his family and children, what he thinks about owning properties together in the interest of the family. Ask him if he has any plans to include you in his investments. If he's someone who respects and understands your concern about your family and his investment, he will open up and share his thoughts with you. 
Don't tell him what to do or how to do it, simply listen and let him know the need and importance of planning for the future today. 
If he's hostile and insecure towards the discussion kindly withdraw and work towards saving and investing for your children. 
The painful reality of our time is that life is unpredictable and things can change within spilt seconds, so there's a need for both the husband and the wife to empower themselves individually and collectively against any eventualities and circumstances that may challenge the integrity of your marriage.
His reaction to this will greatly influence your decision on this but please discuss with him without making reference to his family, or brother or relative.

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