Friday, March 31, 2017

Traditional Wedding Date Has Been Fixed But I'm not Comfortable with Him!

Please help a sister. I was introduced to a guy for marriage by my godparent and he came for introduction to see my people.
So this easter was fixed for traditional rite,
but from our communication he's so rigid and our communication is not flowing, no connectivity between us. Am getting tired and my people ar on my neck that I must marry him and I told him the way I feel..
Please I need your advise on what to do because the house will be on fire between me and my people.

Who is getting married again? You or your parents? If it's your parents, please by all means follow their instructions, but if you are the one getting married to this man, please don't ignore your feelings and thoughts about this relationship.
Marriage is not a favor a man does for a lady nor is it a trade that allows parents to discharge their daughter to a man to feed and cater for her needs.
It is a conscious decision by two adults who have agreed to work together and grow in love, understanding, wisdom and grace together with the purpose of achieving their mutual goals in life.
If you don't feel comfortable getting married to him, please cancel the traditional rite and leave your parents temporarily.
Even if they feel that you're overreacting, you deserve some time to understudy, and mingle with this man to avoid getting married to a man who you don't feel comfortable with. 


  1. People are on your neck to marry a man you're not comfortable with? A cancelled wedding plan is better than a failed Marital life..People would gossip for one week and mind their business...A cancelled wedding is no different from a cancelled appointment....Do not succumb to evil pressure from ignorant people....They'll set the fire and run....It is you that'll burn....Be strong sis...Nothing dey happen!

  2. I want to believe you are above 18 years.This is modern day slavery and not marriage.The highest anybody can do for you is to help you get to your husband's house but no one will live with you there.Think Twice.


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