Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Am I Stingy?

Good evening ma ,please I need your candid opinion, am I stingy or what?
I am married with two kids, living with sister-in-law (her husband stays abroad) and mother-in-law but in different flat.
I do cook for the two flats, mother-in-law and other
children do carter for her needs, but my sister-in-law 
expects that anything I cook she must be served.
For instance she came back from work impromptu and I was already cooking, that was when she started saying she was so hungry, had no choice than to serve her food.
I and hubby do ration money for soup between
ourselves as hubby is not working presently.
The problem is she told her other siblings that I
don't usually serve her dinner, which is actually
true because I purposely do my cooking before
she returns from work around 8pm as she
doesn't contribute anything, she prefers to buy
drink after given her food.
She also cook in her shop.

You are not stingy but in African culture a wife is expected to worship her in-laws and accept everything irrespective of what you are experiencing in your marriage. 
The best thing for you to do is to open up to your husband and ask him for suggestions on how to manage your finances in these critical moments in your marriage. 
It is pertinent for you to open up to your husband and help him understand the pressure you are experiencing as a result of the financial constraints in your home. 
His advice and suggestions will go to a large extent to determine ways to manage it. If you can't afford to feed her, your husband should be humble enough to talk to his sister without painting you evil in front of his own sister. 
On your part, please try as much as you can to make food available to all. Like I said earlier, everybody will give you bad name because of your financial constraints, but don't let that deter you from doing good and being positive about everything. 
No circumstances of life is permanent, so someday she will leave your home and allow you to enjoy your home without pressure.

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