Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My Bestie's Sister is Dating our Pastor!

Ma please I need your advice, I have a friend I call her my best because I trust her, I don't hide things from her.
Just this evening she called me to come to her house, I came only for her to start accusing me of what I did not say.
I tried to see reasons with her that i did not say all those things she was accusing me of but she did not believe me so I left her house.
Ma, based on what I found out, her young sister doesn't like the way am close to her sister because I work in the same place with her sister; and her sister is dating my Pastor who is the owner of the office I work with; and I am against what the sister is doing cause my pastor have a wife; and we attend the same church with her young sister; and my best friend is not in support what her sister is doing.
So they sent another pastor to our church again making it two Pastors. So the second pastor knew what was going on between my best friend's younger sister, and the second pastor now became friend with me to the extent he do tell me his problem, and we search it together as friends and nothing much.
Now my bestie's young sister is angry at the way she sees me talk to the second pastor, and she told her sister that she will make the second pastor fall for her.
So I told the pastor to be careful because I told him what I heard, he said no problem that he knows how to handle it when it comes. My bestie told me to be careful that her sister is planning to go and tell the second pastor what I did not say, and just like that my bestie called me today and started accusing of what I did not say, that I talk behind her. I tried making her see reasons with me but to no avail.
Ma I don't know what to do about it, am just confused. Please I need your advice please ma because my bestie's sister is very dangerous, and right now am not in good times with the second pastor.

Please sender, must you attend this church or is there a special annointing that comes specifically from the church and the pastors? 
It's obvious that you and your friend are not in that church to seek the face of God but you are there to admire the pastors and gossip with them. 
If you are genuinely interested in seeking the face of God, you won't have the time to gossip with the second pastor and mingle with him. 
As much as what your friend's sister did is repulsive, it wasn't in your place to report to the second pastor, or gossip about it with your best friend's sister. 
My suggestion is simple, separate yourself from this chain of gossiping, and dating pastors. If possible avoid being close to pastors and focus more on the word of God, and your personal relationship with God. 
If for any reason you feel that your pastor is falling and needs to be helped to stand, you don't go through another pastor or her sister, you go through the disciplinary committee of your church and make an official complaint with evidence of your claims in addition to praying for him. 
When you have to go through her sister and another pastor, I feel that you are reducing yourself to their level. Please snap out of this drama and focus on what's more important and beneficial to your future.

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