Monday, May 15, 2017

Does He have Intentions to Marry Me?

Dear Aunty Amara ,thanks for all your good advices, may God continue to bless you. Please I seriously need your advice.
Am a 30 years old single mother who has had many bitter experiences in relationships
because I don't seek the face of God before entering into a relationship.
My problem is, I met a guy recently via social media who was once married but now single. We have been communicating for some time but when we finally saw, he like me and we talked at lenght. Although he did not mention marriage, he only insisted he wanted us to be friends for now.
Though he asked me for sex on our first date and I rejected, but the only mistake I made was allowing him kissed me, although I prayed about him and I was told he's the right man for me.
Now am confused cos I'm not getting any younger, and I don't know for how long he want us to be friends and don't even know if he has marriage intentions.
Please I need your candid sisterly advice and that of people reading my post. Thanks

You don't need any pressure at this point in your life. You don't need to focus so much on getting married that you forget to fulfill your purpose in life. 
Personally, I feel that the young man came to have a piece of your vagina, and if you had mistakenly allowed him, maybe by now both of you could have been enemies. 
When God speaks, he brings it to perfection without our efforts. Allow God to perfect his promise in your life. Don't help him by trying to get him to marry you or to worry if he will marry you. 
Before you have anything to do with anyone who claims to be married but single, make sure that you can see his divorce certificate, else it could be that he's using his second Facebook account which he divorced his wife from to marry you on social media while he enjoys his wife in his bedroom. 
Take your time, God will give your own man, prayerfully prepare yourself for him.

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