Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How Do I Confront Him?

Good afternoon ma, please I need your help... I have a serious date recently I decided to check his chat cos he has been behaving strange...
Opened his WhatsApp and saw series of chat inviting girls to come and have sex with him, to the point of asking his friends to connect him with girls with big bum...
I have not confronted him or let him know I read his chat... Please ma how do I confront him.. I love him so much, and the thought is killing me gradually.

Is there any need to confront him? Or do you need more evidence to be convinced that he's not emotionally prepared for the kind of commitment you are looking for? 
I feel that God just saved you from wasting your emotions and time on a man who is not emotionally mature for a relationship, but if you feel otherwise, I have a suggestion for you. 
Go to the market, buy something that he cherishes so much, wrap it with a sweet message, then deliver it to him with all humility. 
Then enter his kitchen, prepare his favorite meal, and serve him on the bed. If your own bum isn't that big, remember to get a padded bum and upgrade yours. 
Then while he's enjoying your meal, pat him at his back with love, call him sweet name, then ask him why he's asking for sex from other ladies, stand up, show him what you've got, then sit down and cry for thirty minutes.
I have every conviction that he will be touched by your love, but if that will make him change is what I still can't guarantee. 
If it doesn't work, write to me, I will give you another formula. Till then, cheer up, love is a beautiful thing, and being hurt sometimes is the reward for investing your emotions to the wrong person.

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