Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Should I Believe His Promises Or Wait for Another Man?

Good day ma, I saw your last post about girls waiting for abroad guys. Ma I met this guy staying abroad on March this year on Instagram. When I met him I was single,
he told me he will be back November or December this year, that he wants us to take our friendship to another level.
He told me he will be 35 years by September while am 27 years now, that he wants to get married, that his twin brother is married with kids, he also told me that if I meet him and like him that he want to do my introduction this Christmas, and prepare for our wedding and that he will take me along to his base and that I will start afresh to read nursing over there because nurses get job easily in the country he base.
Ma I like this guy not because he stays abroad because abroad guys are not worthy to be trusted, I had this kind of attraction for him which I can't tell.
Ma I want to ask you,  please should I not believe him? Should I move on and wait for another Nigerian base guy? Thanks. 

Woow, I'm jumping at all his beautiful plans and vision, but are you the first lady he has met ever since he was born? Pardon my question but I feel that behind all these haste and promises are some realities you have no idea about. 
Secondly, even if he's actually genuine, does it mean that you will fold your hands, make video calls and chat with him until he comes back and marry you, and then fix all his vision into your life? 
As much as I won't discourage you from believing him, I'm of the opinion that you shouldn't pause your life for a man or better still build your hope on a man who can change or perhaps may disappoint you. I will suggest that you focus on developing yourself, and build your future. You have a bright future ahead of you, and you should be very careful not to jump into a relationship with a man who perhaps wasn't what you imagined or expected.
Besides there is no guarantee that you are the only lady who has received these beautiful promises from him, so don't be so certain until you have seen him and sat down to talk about whatever he feels for you. 
Marriage is much more than a hormonal surge of fantasy, you need to be in charge of your thoughts, insights, and decisions to avoid regrets later in your life.

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