Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What Should I Do to Sustain the Relationship?

Good day aunt Amara, Thanks for all the solution you offer both to singles and married on this platform  I met a man on Facebook early last year, we have a friend in common,  she is a member of my church. We got chatting, then exchanged numbers and connected on Whatsapp.
He lives and works in Canada, but he calls quite frequently. He never said anything intimate to me all the while, and so I saw him as just a good friend and we've been good.
He came to Nigeria last month he had his annual leave and asked that we see. I visited him at his lodge, we had lunch together, chatted as friends then I left. He traveled the next day, two days after he arrived Canada he said he would like to discuss something with me, then I made room for us to talk on phone. He told me he likes me and would like us to be more than friends.
And that took me by surprise because I never saw it coming. All the while we've been chatting on Whatsapp or the phone calls he never said anything intimate, except that he would compliment my photos on whatsapp when I upload a new profile picture. Even when I visited him at his hotel where he lodged in Lagos, we just had lunch, saw a movie and he saw me off, though I noticed he treated me courteously and bought me a gift.
I'm a believer and he is too because our common friend attested to that as they were school mates. I know I have to pray the Holy Spirit to reveal him to me, what else should I ask to know or do before considering anything more than friendship with him.
Since we met on social media and he is not based here, and how does it work having a relationship with someone so far away.?
I hope my questions are clear. Thanks and God bless.

Deepen your friendship with him and ask most important questions about his personality, vision, and previous relationships. 
You need to be deliberate and precise with your communication with him because you need to know who you are relating with, and what he exactly wish to share with you. 
What does he do in Canada? What has been his previous relationships like and why you? Has he been married? Any child in the picture? If he's thinking of marriage, what happens after wedding? Will you join him or live with his family? What's his personal relationship with God like? 
You need to carry out further investigation of his family and relatives. These and many more revelations will help you decide if you should consider his interest in you or not.
You also need to examine whether he's the kind of man you desire for the rest of your life, whether you can cope with his personality or not, and whether he shares the vision of the future that you are comfortable with. 
The only thing you can do in a long distance relationship is communicate as often as possible using all the media available to both of you, and allow God to reveal his purpose for the relationship. 
Don't try so much to impress him or strive so much to make the relationship work. If both of you are designed for each other, God will reveal that to you. 
Remember that your knowledge, wisdom and understanding is limited, so you need God to a greater extent to help you discern the things that you may not be able to detect by your own efforts. 

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