Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How Do I Tell My Parents About His Status?

Please ma, I am in a relationship with a man, he is married to a white woman with two kids. We have been dating for one year now and he proposed to me.
Ma the problem is
that my parents don't know
his is married to a white woman, I have not told them anything. They know am into a relationship with him and how serious he is but ma I don't know how to tell them.
Secondly, ma a lot of people have said things about guys who marries outside and comes home to marry. Some say they just marry here and leave the Nigerian women here, some say they are not genuie. Please ma I am scared I don't know what to do..
I need your help and advice, thank you ma.

My consolation is that you won't say that you don't have any idea of what some women are currently experiencing in their foreign based home marriage. For you to be uncomfortable with informing your family of his marital status after one year of dating him is an evidence that you know that you are building your relationship on a faulty foundation. 
Irrespective of a man's residence or financial status, if he hasn't divorced his wife, he's married, and if you wish to continue with him, have it at the back of your mind that you are dating a married man. 
If you wish to continue with him, also remember that there is a great possibility that he may never bring you to his place of residence, especially when he has two children from his foreign based wife. 
What that means is that you will be his home based wife who has been contracted to take care of his family, bring forth home based children, and obey the rules of your foreign based husband. 
Again, there will be a need for you to prepare yourself for the sacrifice that comes with getting married to a foreign based husband. You shouldn't worry about not having an intimate time with him, remember that you are not alone. You shouldn't also complain about his inability to fund your expenses at home because no condition of life is permanent including transferring pounds and dollars. 
Be prepared for the inevitable because like you know, nothing is ever predictable, not even his promises to you. 
Now that you know, maybe you should inform your family, because when others reject you, they will certainly be there for you. It is only those that genuinely love you that will tell you the bitter truth, but if your love for him is blind, we will definitely pray that it lead you to the paradise of your heart desire.

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