Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Is This How Igbos Treat Other Tribe?

Good morning ma, please I need your advice on this issue that has been bothering me. 
I met an Igbo guy from Enugu state during my youth service though am Yoruba. I have been praying to God about meeting a very good guy and this guy came,
I know he loves me and he told everyone about me, but anytime we're talking he keeps telling me that I have everything he want in a woman but had it been am igbo he would have been the happiest person.
So on May 1st I now asked him that this tribe issue what does he think we should do about it? He now told me that the way he's seeing it we should let go that it is a big thing, though it really hurts me but we still talk like lovers until yesterday when he told me that we should stop communicating so that I will meet a better guy.
Now am confused that is it possible for us to part like that.... Please advice me ma. 
Please ma I really need your word of encouragement now, this is a guy that has promised to see me soon because since we passed out after NYSC we've not seen but we talk on phone. I know he doesn't cheat, he is a God fearing guy and is a no sex relationship, please I really need your help now cos am crying now as am typing this, is this how all Igbo people are?
How can the parents not understand our feelings for each other? This is a guy that has been suffering from depression for a very long time but he came out of it when we met, he became a more lively person he's not thinking of killing himself again he now relate well with his people and still they told him to leave me. 

It may not make sense at the moment why things didn't work out as you anticipated but I want you to know that there is nothing that is an accident before God and humanity. 
I do not want to blame A or analyze some signals that suggests that your boyfriend may not have had a long term vision for your relationship, but I will encourage you to be brave, hopeful and positive. 
Sometimes God uses us to bless others so that we will receive his blessings for our journey. Sometimes God may see the end of a journey and allow circumstances to break you away from what maybe catastrophic should you venture into it. 
This has absolutely nothing to do with the tribe of your partner nor does it mean that there are no amazing Igbo men/parents who will wholeheartedly embrace any lady as long as she's godly, industrious, respectful, and supportive to the family. 
I want you to remember that you are not reduced in value or virtues because your partner chose to move on with his life but that your purpose in his life has been accomplished, and your journey with him has come to an end. 
Look up to God, quit listening to your fears, your boyfriend has long prepared for a moment like this and he has given every indication that his love for you is not strong enough to convince anyone that you are the lady he cherishes in his life. 
You will heal, you will be happy, and you will find love again. Just allow God to comfort you and you will write me to testify to God's glory.

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