Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I'm Scared of Losing Him!

Good morning Aunty, thanks for your good deeds, here comes my problem.
I met a guy that wanted to marry me, he introduced me to his people, then we fixed a date on when to meet my own parent.
On the faithful morning he called and asked that we chat. So as we were chatting he asked that I should tell him everything about my past. I told him the ones I deemed necessary for him to know, but he kept persuading me to tell him if I have ever slept with a married man and the rest. I told him the truth about a man asking me out who I never knew was married but when I found out I left. So he was like I was hiding things from him that for that reason our marriage will be till further notice.
It pained me because I had already informed my parent about his coming. All he did was to screenshot any chat I had on Facebook and send to me asking my relationship with the guys. I explained but he never believed me.
I summoned the courage, traveled to his place and we conversed and he told me people say bad things about me sleeping around in my days of university. I started shedding tears and made him understand that I was not a saint but I had stopped that kind of lifestyle.
I asked him to tell me his mind if he wasn't interested he should let me know. He didn't say anything to me, and am scared of losing him. Have been in tears, he has changed but he stil calls me. I don't know what to do, really confused please help me. I trust your advice. Thanks. 

Nobody is without a past, yours shouldn't make you shed tears rather it should help you appreciate your journey as an individual and a lady. 
I wouldn't know what he heard from others that made him feel uncomfortable about getting married to you, but you shouldn't allow him to crush your emotions or force yourself on him. 
I will suggest that you give him some space and prepare your heart for anything. If he feels that you are not good enough for him, accept his decision and move on with your life. 
Our life is a journey filled with many tests, twists and turns, we cannot predict the outcome but we can learn from every experience it offers. Don't lose yourself because you want to be part of someone else, that's not what love truly entails. You will smile someday, sometime with someone who genuinely appreciates everything about you.

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