Sunday, May 14, 2017

I'm Bored and Tired of this Relationship!

Good morning Aunty Amara please I need your advice. There is this guy am dating for three years now, we hardly see each other due to he stays with his parents and the dad is a pastor, they refused him to rent until he is geting married.
My issue now is that even if I can't go to their house he also can't visit me, I've complained, he said he work from Monday till Saturdays. He has only Sundays to wash his cloths and rest but promised to make out time on Sundays still nothing.
Apart from that he is stingy, he can never give you something if I don't ask and if he will give, he will tell you all the problems he has to do with money.
I don't really bother him about money but I just felt at times your guy should on his own give you something, that baby take this and get something for yourself to even show some care, but since I knew him he has never done that and he can never admit to mistakes. If he does something wrong and I try to correct him, he will always claim to be right and will never say sorry.
Everyday he just keeps caling me from morning till night, how are you, have you eaten, have you done this, have you done that? Right now I'm bored with his calls and just thinking may be there is someone he is giving his time to cos I have complained and I am tired of complaining, just felt I'm wasting my time and right now am thinking of quitting the relationship. Please advice me. 

Once you can identify the problem, solving it is the easiest thing to do. 
From your mail, it's obvious you are dating a man who is not emotionally and mentally mature for a relationship. He's stingy, and he's not teachable, so if you know that you cannot cope with him, please feel free to terminate the relationship and move on with your life.

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