Sunday, May 14, 2017

Is Being Tired a Sign of Orgasm?

Good day ma... Just saw a comment on a post
''how to know a women is faking orgasm ?'' And the comment says...'' Study your woman and you'd know whether she's faking it or not''...
Normally when I start banging my girl
I don't get tired/release until the fourth or fifth time... When we start, after like thirty minutes she'd say she's tired, then like ten minutes later 
she'll  say she wants more....
Abeg my question is that whenever she says she's tired does it mean she's reached orgasm?......
Note : I've got a very big dick and I hardly get tired... Can go for like three hours with releasing...
How do I know she's reached orgasm? Is orgasm directly related to being tired 
and resting for like ten minutes and then coming back again?
She's my first and I'm her first too..... Please I
don't want to leave a void in any area of our
relationship and in my life also...
I'm a perfectionist in nature, I like to do things perfectly.....

I don't think that there was a need for you to advertise your asset... Lol.. But then again, thanks for the information, just that you might as well make innocent ladies begin to imagine things of the world... 
There is a huge difference between lovemaking and banging, one goes with communication while the other is an expression of physical strength and prowess. 
Funny enough what a woman craves for is communication and connection with her sex partner, and not the destruction of her vagina with a big dick like you called it. 
So instead of banging, consider making love with your partner, learn how to turn her on, how to pamper her body, serve her like a goddess, and make love to her like your precious queen. 
You might last for one hour with a lady and she won't experience any orgasm, but you can make love to her for five minutes and her whole body will be trembling in resonance with your passion and connection to her body. 
Vagina is a unique organ but if you don't understand where to strike and how to connect to a woman through her vagina, you might just be wasting the energy you could have used to maybe fix other stuff in your life. 
So like you read, take your time, study your partner. Does she get wet before you thrust into her? Does her vagina connect with your penis while you thrust? Do you notice her clitoris bouncing and disappearing as you thrust into her? Does her breathing match with the rhythm of her body? Does her eyes dilate and her nipples get very hard? Does her lips get engorged with blood while you thrust in to her? 
These are some things a lady cannot fake during lovemaking. But if a lady gets tired, there's a great possibility that your banging drains her energy but never satisfies her sexual needs which could be why she asks for more sex after some minutes.
There is a need to communicate with the lady who encounters this mighty dick of yours for tips and ideas on how you can help her enjoy sex with you, and if possible make your lovemaking with her a bonding time with her not a banging time to show your power. Guess that energy might earn you some dollars if you channel it to boxing...

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