Thursday, May 25, 2017

I'm Tired of Waiting!

Please Aunty Amara I have an issue bordering me, good day ma.
I've lived alone for three years plus without my husband cos he travelled out, no sex with any man,
no other relationship infact I've turned virgin after three kids.
He said I and the kids should stay in my father's house in the village now. It's three years plus, people are talking, gossiping, the treatment on us is poor, the environment isn't conducive at all, and when I talk to him he will say wait you will leave there soon.
Now my relatives have decided to take me away from the village but he picked a fight with me. I can't continue suffering with kids in the village waiting, not that am comfortable but we feed from hand to mouth.
I tried talking sense into him but he has refused and decided to be answering me anyhow. Anytime I call him, he will shout at me, tell me he's  in one meeting or another. I seriously need your advice and that of the house on what to do.

I have no idea the agreement you had with him when both of you were dating or before he traveled but I feel that there is a need for your family to have some discussion with his family to enable you know exactly what he has in mind or perhaps his intentions for you and your children.
The purpose for the meeting is to put a timeline to whatever it is he is saying. If you stay for over three years without having any physical, emotional, mental or psychological connection with your husband, you are no longer his wife but his slave who is being used to raise his children and maybe attend to his parents as caregivers. 
And since your family is no longer comfortable with your continual suffering and emotional torture, there is a need for them to officially meet with his family to discuss options to consider in your marriage. 
I believe that the discussion will give you some ideas and suggestions that you may consider in making your decision.

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