Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What Should I Do to Make Sex Painless and Pleasurable?

Good afternoon ma. Please something has been bordering me and I'm here to seek for solution. I got married last year December. I married my hubby as a virgin but have been finding it so difficult to have sex with him, the pain is too much and I can't bear it.
We have tried severally but the pain is something else, sometimes I wonder if other women undergo what I'm passing through or mine is different, or is it that I didn't do it early because I will be 30 years by July.
Someone suggested lubricant for me which I've tried but couldn't withstand the pain. This issue is now turning my hubby off whenever he feel like touching me because I'm so scared.
Ma please is there anything I can do or take to help this precious man that God gave me to have me as a wife and feel like a man also. Although he always encourage me that it is a gradual process but I'm really feeling for him. I once suggested if I can go to hospital and operate it but he says it's not possible.
Ma please help me, I don't want to push him to temptation please.

As long as there is no trace of infection in your vagina, you don't need to worry so much about the pain. 
This has nothing to do with your age but perhaps your mental perception of sexual intercourse. 
The first thing that is advisable for you is to have a beautiful perception of sex. How enjoyable or painful sex maybe begins with your perception. 
If you see sex as a painful experience, it will be a painful experience, but if you see sex as a memorable experience where you have the freedom to crave for anything, and satisfy your sexual pleasure, then both of you can create this. 
For some ladies, they have a light hymen which makes it easy for the man to break through, but for some ladies their hymen maybe tick making it quite painful but they can weave through that temporary pain with understanding, patience, enough lubrication and foreplay. 
So encourage your husband to spend more time with foreplay. He should give you an erotic massage, suck your nipples, and your clitoris, it will give you lovely sensation that will naturally make your vaginal wall become so wet for thrusting. Always have this at the back of your mind, if you are not well lubricated, thrusting will be very painful. 
If after foreplay you're not well lubricated, please get a water based lubricant, apply enough at your vaginal wall, and apply some on his penis and his penis shaft. Then he should thrust slowly and gently, and then allow you to relax as he thrusts. Maybe in his third to fifth time, things will get better and you will begin to enjoy sex with him. 
If the pain persist, please consult your gynaecologist for physical examination and advice. Painful sex is a torture and not good for anyone. 

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