Friday, May 26, 2017

What Should I Do to Win His Heart?

Good evening auntie Amara, I love the way you handle issues concerning  matters of the heart....
You are the only one I can talk to now.
I'm in love with a guy, we were going on fine until an old toaster called me
and we were speaking in my language (I'm an Igbo, he's a Yoruba guy),
because of the look on his face I couldn't explain who called until he asked me and I told him but he didn't believe me and stopped talking to me.....
I begged him but he wasn't listening, this was around August last year.
We started talking now but he's cold towards me..... Auntie I love this guy. I want him back... What do I do to win him back please.
I haven't been able to give another relationship a thought because my mind is with him please advice me.
Will be happy and grateful to get a reply from you.

Relationship is a choice, not what you impress on any individual or beg for. 
It's natural and if he's not feeling your presence, it's time for you to fly away unless you have enough time to waste in a static ship. 
When a man is in love it's obvious, and when his love is gone it's also very obvious. So help him and yourself by opening the doors to other men who may like something about you or wish to share their time with you. 
As a single lady, loving a man who doesn't share the same feelings with you won't favour you in any way. Even when your love for him is overwhelming, drag your heart along with your head and move on with your feet. 
You may not understand why but when you get to your destination, you will appreciate your sacrifices. 

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