Saturday, May 27, 2017

What Does She Want From Me?

Good evening Aunty Amara, I must commend you for the nice work you have been doing so far: May God grant you more grace. I have an issue that is confusing me and can't seem to figure it out.
I have a female friend whom I chat with regularly on social media, she calls and I also return the calls.
From the start I had kept the relationship platonic because of the distance and other experiences with women, we only discuss societal issues and nothing on relationship level. What confuses me is that she constantly sends me pictures of her quite a good number of them.
I was forced to ask her once what she wanted from me, she replied just friends but her actions are at variance with what she told me. Please help me with your opinion on this, am confused. 

When a lady loves you, her actions will always reveal the intents of her heart and her heart desire. 
She will naturally desire to communicate with you, and will be free to share almost everything or anything with you. She will naturally want to send you things for your validation and commendation. 
While a lady can chat with anyone who she feels comfortable with, she only seeks validation, compliments, and admiration from someone she loves more. 
From her actions it's obvious that she loves you. Should you not share the same feeling or emotion with her, please withdraw from the 'platonic relationship' because to ladies it could be misunderstood for a 'promising relationship'.

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