Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Is She Mature for Marriage?

I came across how you gives positive answers and suggestions to peoples' challenges and I feel I should pour my heart to you..
I date a girl from warri Delta  state, 2012. When I was in school, our relationship wasn't smooth as I found it hard to blend with her Warri lifestyle, but I loved her dearly. August that year she lied to me and when I discover the lies through her mum, she got upset and  refused to pick my calls. At this time I was at home ( Eket, Akwa-Ibom) for my four month industrial attachment. When I returned to school, i went to her and apologised for getting her mum involved.
We got along in the relationship, it was chaste, sex free as I had in mind to marry her. I graduated 2014, and from then till 2015 March I couldn't get a job because things were tight.
In April 14th that year she called me and told me we can't continue with the  relationship again, that she can't wait and I should not call her number again.
The next month May to be precise, I got a job and six months later she came and appologised that people decieved her. I forgave her and we got along well. Due to the recession in June 2016, the company dropped those who were on contract and ask us to wait... Before this, I used the money I had to complete my house project and I was left with nothing...
November that year my friend broke up again, doesn't pick my calls, blocked and deleted me on her social network page... I was devastated. When a friend of mine asked her, she said she is tired that another girl should start from where she stopped.
This year she called and told me to tell my family member not to call her again... I used that chance to ask about her and her family and even tricked her that the company have called us back, and a week later she unblocked me on Whatsapp and we started chating...
PLEASE WHAT SHOULD I DO? Is she mature for marriage?

There is a huge difference between what your body needs and what your heart needs. Every man desires an attractive lady for good sex, but when it comes to a lady who will give him peace of mind and fulfillment in life, he deserves a lady who is mature, responsible, respectful, godly, and organized. 
A lady who breaks up today, blocks you from her social media, disrespects you, and abandons you when you are in need, is she what you really need in your life??? 
I understand that she might be so attractive to you that you have forgotten about what you need as a man, but attraction is only as valid as you are still dating a lady. The very moment you bring her into your life, what you will be dealing with is her character not her body. 
God has opened your eyes to see those things she couldn't tell you, please don't get married to an unstable lady or a lady who is easily 'deceived' by her friends or family, or a lady who doesn't have your interest at heart or your happiness as her desire. 
You won't say that you were blinded with love because her character is shining like the sun, maximize every information you have today and make the best decision for your own good and happiness.


  1. A friend in need is a friend indeed.She is not a wife material because of marriage wealth and in all situations...(you remember?)

  2. You are still asking questions while the signs are so glaring that she is too materialistic.


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