Friday, May 5, 2017

What Can I Do to Enlarge His Penis?

Good afternoon ma, am writing from Owerri Imo state. I am in a relationship with a guy who is more than ready to take me to the alter but am worried, why?
Because my guy's penis I mean dick is small, I don't mean in size I mean in length. 
When he proposed, I told him I will marry him only when he does something about the dick length, but he took offense and since then stop talking to me.
I know I can't marry him with that length of penis, if I do I will definitely cheat on him and is against the law. So I need help, what can I do to save the situation? 
I love this guy and he is everything I want in a man but the issue of the length of his penis pushes me away from him.
Please help me, if anyone knows of a drug that he can take that will make the penis to be longer, I will really appreciate it, and hope they will not have side effect please don't publish my name thanks.

I admire your sincerity and honesty in your mail, it shows that you really know what you want in your man and in his penis too.. Lol 
Because I understand the frustration and discomfort that some ladies experience as a result of short manhood, I took it upon myself to understudy, investigate, and seek counsel from urologist to know if there is anything medically possible that a man can do to enlarge his penis, genuine medical analysis shows that there is absolutely nothing a man can do to enlarge his penis. 
I will explain, there is a spongy-like cartilage inside the penis of every man, this is what enlarges whenever a man is aroused. For urologists to be able to enlarge the length or the thickness of the penis, they will need to tamper with that cartilage. 
Now anything that tampers with that cartilage will certainly render the penis useless for any sexual activity for life. It is genetically determined, and it can never be altered. 
There are some formulations some people claims enlarges the penis, what it does in reality is draw more skin to the tip of the penis but it doesn't change the length of the penis in any way. 
You may wonder why I'm explaining this in details, it's so that you will understand that telling a man to change that which he can't change is actually hurting him and challenging his God. It's almost the same thing like a man telling you to change your clitoris or make it longer. It is simply impossible. 
Technically speaking, the size of a man's manhood doesn't determine how pleasurable or enjoyable sexual intercourse will be, but his ability to connect with his sexual partner, then communicate with her sexual language, and be able to strike the right cords inside her vagina that will stimulate her sexual pleasure is what determines to a larger extent how enjoyable sexual intercourse will be for a lady. 
Since you don't feel his manhood, and getting married to him will mean cheating on him and disrespecting him in your marriage. I won't advise you to consider getting married to him, because you will definitely get frustrated with his efforts, and you will put unnecessary pressure on him. From his reaction it's obvious that he was deeply hurt and crushed by what you said. 
Kindly return his engagement ring to him, and pray for a man with a longer penis that is good enough for your vagina. It may sound awkward but that's what's most important to you, so I won't encourage you to ignore it at the detriment of your happiness and fulfillment in your marriage. 
Medically, what a man needs to satisfy a woman is 1.5" long penis when erect, the reason is because the g-spot is located 1.5" from the opening of the vagina, so a man who has 1.5" long penis can do the same thing that a man with 6.5" penis can do. (Poster this is not for you though)

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