Saturday, May 6, 2017

What Should I Get for my Prospective Mother-in-law?

Good morning ma'am,
I met this guy that resides in Dubai in Facebook September 2015 when I was about going to NYSC. He started showing interest in me, but I didn't give in to him, and he never gave up.
February 2016, I fell in love with him and I accepted to date him. We started chatting constantly, he calls me everyday and we do video calls often. Then he kept telling me he would love to visit my parents and I would also come and visit his own parents as well, I thought it was all joke.
This April 2017, he came back to Nigeria. He came and visited me at my location this week and we spent two days together in the hotel. He begged me not to leave him, we both are satisfied with our appearance. He brought the idea of coming to meet my parents, but declined, he said I should come and  meet his parents next week and I asked him why, his reply was "I'm not getting any younger".
Please ma'am I'm preparing to go next weekend but I have never met any guy's parents before. I don't know how to go about it and I don't know what to buy for his mother.
NB: He gave me some money to use and transport myself to his hometown, the money will be enough to buy gift for the mother. I will be 30 years by September, he is 35 years already.. 

There are so many tips that are missing in your message, but then again you can make out something from your limited information. 
If you know the personality of his mum, it will greatly help you in deciding what you can get for her. 
Since it's a bit of a secret to your boyfriend and his mother, I will suggest that you get something that you know deep down in your heart your mom will absolutely cherish as a gift. Don't go beyond your financial capacity or try to get the world to impress anyone. Your thoughts of getting something for her is beautiful enough and your purpose shouldn't be to use your gift to impress her, instead it should be your little way of appreciating her for raising a son that you are proud of in every sense of the word. 
Some women love wrappers, some provisions, some jewelries, so go for what you feel is worthy of a gift to his mother, and make it a surprise to your boyfriend and his mother. 
Pray that God will make ways of favour for you, and that you will be accepted by his mother and his family. 
Dress your best, listen more, talk less and show more courtesy to all. 
Wish you the very best.

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