Monday, June 19, 2017

He Threatened to Quit our Relationship.

Hello, my name is J***, I met this guy on Facebook, I live in Nigeria but he is living outside the country. We have been friends for two months, he told me he wants to marry me, and we chat and talk often.
He told his friends and his people about us, we always pray together before we sleep, because he always say that a family that prays together stays together. Even told me what his friends don't even know ie a white lady having two kids for him. But his problem with me is, any small thing do make me angry. Recently he was offline for some time, I was worried because it was only him. After two days he called and told me that he was attàcked by robbers, that he just got new phone, but I was mad at him that he made me worried.
So he got angry that I couldn't even tell him sorry, that after sending the money he promised me that it will be over between us with the reason that I easily get annoyed.
I told him to forget the money he said no, after he started calling me sweet names as he usually call me. I told his friend, he told me he is just playing with me, that from what he heard from him,  he truely love me and I love him very much but don't know what to do.

What are you doing to improve your communication skill in your relationship? From your mail, it is evident that you don't have the patience to listen, consider, and give room to humanity. 
You respond before thinking, and you are not considerate enough with him, which is what made him react the way he did.
Always give room for human errors and shortcomings, then learn to enquire before making hasty conclusions. 
A man who was attacked by armed robbers and lost his phone deserves some empathy and patience. Sometimes the things that make you feel angry and bitter may actually be circumstances that were beyond the control of your partner. 
Learn to dialogue and discuss with your partner, it saves you from dwelling on negative thoughts. 
Finally, learn to apologize when you find yourself overreacting where you ought to have been a little more patient or considerate. It won't take anything from you, instead you will win more battle when you humble yourself. 
So I will suggest that you call him and discuss with him. You will know what next to do after discussing with him.

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