Monday, June 19, 2017

I Experience Pain When I Sleep with Him.

Good evening Aunty,  I really appreciate your good work.. Please I really need advice..
I am a 23 years old dating a man of 28 years.... We love each other so much that his love for me is too much which I so much appreciate... We are getting married by August but there is a big problem...
We have dated for one year and seven months...  The first day we had sex, I enjoyed him so much, am in school so I normally visit him some weekend. Our sex life was normal but recently a problem developed, whenever we finished the first round of sex, the second one will be so painful but I will always endure it not to make him feel bad.... This continued which am not comfortable with, painful sex all the time but it doesn't happen before....
So I decided to try another man to know where the problem is (I didn't mean to cheat on him, and am still sorry for cheating on him till today). We had sex three times but I didn't feel any pain, we did it the second time and still didn't feel any pain.....
The next time I visited my man, I experinced pain again... Please aunty, am so confused I don't know how to handle this issue with him, I love my man so much and I don't want to lose him..
Please what do I do?

I would have suggested that you transfer the penis of the second man to your boyfriend, but I don't know if your boyfriend will be comfortable with that. 
When you have any challenge with your partner, the best way to resolve it is by communicating with your partner, not cheating on him. 
How will you feel if he sleeps with another lady to know if she produces more lubricant than you? How will you react if he is the one indirectly comparing you with another lady? It's good not to shoot in the air because it may land on your head. 
There are some factors that may be responsible for pain during sexual intercourse. There is a possibility that your boyfriend's penis is larger in grit than your experimental sex partner. There is also a possibility that you don't get lubricated well enough before thrusting which makes the walls of your vagina dry and painful. 
It's also possible that your boyfriend may not have the skill or the experience which makes him thrusts more but doesn't connect with you. 
If you claim to love your boyfriend more, please desist from experimenting with other men. Sex can only be beautiful when partners communicate about their challenge, and jointly work on ways to resolve them. 
First, tell your boyfriend about your experience(not your experiment), then encourage him to spend more time on foreplay before sexual intercourse. He should take things nice and slow, and then increase pace depending on how comfortable you are. 
You don't endure pain to make a man feel comfortable, in fact men won't forgive you for deceiving them with fake enjoyment when in reality you are in pain. It is your body, and there is no way he will know what you are experiencing if you don't inform him, and suggest ways to improve on them. 
In addition to improving your communication skill and foreplay, there is a need for you to get a water-based lubricant to supplement your natural lubricant. It's possible that because of long thrusting, your vaginal fluids dry up during intercourse, but with some lubricant, things will be a lot smoother and beautiful for both of you. 
Again, please refrain from experimenting with your body to avoid losing a diamond while gathering stones. 

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