Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How Do I Improve His Sexual Performance?

Good morning ma. I have been your fan over years and have learnt a lot from this platform. I desperately need your help in saving my marriage. We are just three months old and am already losing interest in sex.
At first when we got married, he was rough and could last up to an hour that I would even be exhausted and run away.
But after two months now, he can't last even three minutes. It's so heartbreaking cause he leaves me yearning for more every other day. Such that even when he wants to touch me, I already conclude he won't do it well so no need of even starting.
I don't know if I am the one that weakened him by complaining about his roughness or what exactly could be the problem.
How do I save the situation please? Thanks for your time.

The penis has an eye, ear, nose, and mind, even though you may never see them. The penis responds greatly to criticism much more than a woman responds to gossip. 
Any single expression, complain, or opinion affects the penis first before the man. 
This is why it is possible for the penis to control the mind of a man. 
He was rough, that was a question of getting enough lubricant and cheering him on knowing that with time the pace may reduce, but you went the wrong way by complaining, refraining from sex, and making your husband feel unattractive or inefficient to you. 
What you didn't know is that your husband became more conscious of your complaints than he was of satisfying your sexual urge, this might have been the reason for his inability to last longer than he did. 
It is also likely that his diet has changed making his penis unable to last longer than he did for the past two months. 
To address this, please make out time to celebrate your husband, maybe we should tag it the celebration of the most romantic man or most amazing man in your bed. Make it a bedroom celebration, and decorate your bedroom with sex costumes. You can write sexy and witty stuffs and litter them everywhere. 
Now take your time to appreciate his performance in bed, and how much you miss his roughness and manliness in the bedroom. Let him know that you have upgraded to spoil him more in the bed. And of course you should be stroking his penis while you're talking to him. I don't need to remind you that you should be seductive enough to make the evening a hot one for both of you.
When you are done, take your time and give him some blow job, then ride on him in a cowgirl position. However he performs that day, please appreciate and commend him. 
Then go to your kitchen and change his diet, make sure that you prepare meals rich in vegetables than carbohydrates. Alcoholic drinks should be reduced to the bearest minimum while increasing the intake of fruits and nuts. 
Make out time to prepare fresh fruit drink mixed with garlic, white onions, and a little quantity of moringa. Water melon, cucumber, carrots, apple, are better options. Always add fresh garlic while preparing the fruit drink and get ready for some heated passion with your husband. 
Be patient with him, and support him during the highs and lows of his sexual performance, and he will most definitely gain mastery in satisfying your sexual desire. 
Get enough lubricants, water-based most preferably, and apply them in your vaginal wall and at the tip of his penis before thrusting, and that will take care of the roughness and any pain that you experience with him. 
Open up to him, guide him, and teach him ways to satisfy you and make you feel fulfilled, and I'm hopeful that he will learn to give you sexual healing in a way that you will never forget.

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