Monday, June 12, 2017

I Found Love with a Teenager!

I am R**, 29 years. What do you advise somebody like me who found love in a 16 years old girl. She likes me too,
but it seems our age difference is trying to put a cloud of uncertainty over us.
Advise me please.

My advise is this, give her some time and space to grow and become a woman. Her body is fresh and attractive, and her mind is glowing with the new feeling of love and being loved by a man, so now is not the best time to go lyrical trying to impress her with love and attention. 
I will suggest that you encourage her to focus in her academics if she's currently in school or support her to develop herself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and academically. If possible focus on building friendship with her and minimize involving your emotions or romance in the friendship. 
When she grows into a woman, her choices may change, her needs may differ from what you thought you knew, and her personality may not be the same. 
This is not to discourage you but to prepare your mind for the inevitable. It may work out in your favor but if things doesn't go as you planned, please don't cry so much that you forget that you chose to take a risk by dating her. 
The summary of my advice is that she's not emotionally mature for the kind of relationship you're looking for, but if you are willing to take the risk, I wish you the very best. 

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