Friday, June 23, 2017

How Do I Overcome Stammering?

Aunty Amara am so glad to finally write you. Your wisdom is truly from God. I am married to an amazing man and we have two kids, but I have this nagging problem I need to deal with.
I stammer, my mum said I suddenly started it, cost me my self esteem in secondary school where I was mocked and then it got worse.
I have tried everything and still believing God for a miracle. I speak and read fluently when am alone but whenever there are people, I stammer at them.
I need to stop because my first child imitates me a lot. Please help me ma.


Since yours is not hereditary, you can actually work on it by boosting your self esteem. 
What you are going through is more like fear than stammering caused by some defects. 
First, accept the fact that you are not a stammerer, then surround yourself with books that talks about public speaking, confidence, communication skills, and the likes.
For you to gain control or confidence over fear and low self esteem, you need to feed your mind with information of your strength and virtues as a lady. 
Learn to talk slowly, gently, and peacefully. Always take a deep breath when talking with or to anyone. Learn to relax your mind, and focus on one subject when communicating with another person. You can use your husband to practice how to communicate with boldness, confidence, and high self esteem. Never look down, sideways, or be shy whenever you are talking to anyone, instead maintain an eye contact, and try your best not to be nervous or timid. 
It's a process that will take some time, but one that you can overcome as much as you practice continuously, and put yourself in the position of expressing your opinion or perception. 
When you are able to talk slowly and gently, your child will most definitely make adjustments. Sometimes the effects of stammering becomes so much when provoked, angry, or lost in a particular thought. So to help you, avoid any circumstances or scenario that may expose you to stammering. 
Just like you read and speak to yourself, you can as well consider getting a big mirror in your bedroom where you can talk to the person inside the mirror. 
Practice, patience, and boosting your self esteem will most definitely help you overcome stammering.

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