Saturday, June 24, 2017

My Parents Insist on Buoyant Wedding!

Good evening aunty Amy. I really need your advice and that of your fans.
I am 25 years while my fiance is 29, we've been dating for three years. I found out that am four months pregnant and I informed my parent about it.
The problem am having is that my fiancé isn't buoyant for now, but my parent insist I do an elaborate wedding which my fiancé can't afford. I have pleaded for them to allow us do low key traditional marriage and go to court but they said it's not possible.
I have been begging my ever caring mum to,  at least, plead with my dad and family but she refused stating that all her friends' daughters did elaborate wedding, and it's strictly financed by the groom.
I am so depressed and can't think straight. Note: my fiance is very caring, paid for my extra year fees while in school and also setup a business for me as at January.
My parents are aware of it but it seems nothing can change their minds. I have prayed, fasted, and I was told my BP is very high and am short of blood..
My fiancé is also scared thereby telling me he'll apply for any available loan. Please help me with practical advice as am dying slowly. I am typing with tears. 

Please talk to the most eldest in your kindred or extended family, and plead that he intervenes on this issue.
No matter the societal class or pedigree of your parents, there is a need for some consideration and understanding to enable both of you kick off without financial burden.
If you couldn't find any elderly man who your parents respect, please consider going through your church pastor, someone that your parents won't resist to talk to them. Hopefully they will change their mind and support your plan.
Where both options fail, please be calm, stay back in your family and take care of yourself and your health from home. You can visit your partner every now and then to know how things are going, but I will suggest that you don't proceed with court wedding until you have sorted out the traditional wedding.
Please stop fasting, it's not healthy for your baby, and take your antenatal care very serious to avoid any emergency or complication.
Sometimes what you need to break every form of resistance is time, don't let your parents' attitude wear you down. When you stay in their house and put to bed, maybe your parents will have a change of mind and allow your fiancé to marry you as he planned to.
Be calm, everything is under control, and I pray good health and safe delivery in advance.

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