Sunday, June 25, 2017

My Fiancée Quit our Relationship!

I was an orphan, and grew up to know that my grand parents that brought me up are not my biological parents. To cut the long story short, I thank God who in his infinite mercy has established me against all odds.
Now the real issue. I'm a man who fear God. It happened that I met a girl that I love, she was, since my life, the first lady I approached for marriage as I made it known to her the very first day I met her.
I told her I don't want friendship that all I want was marriage. She asked me to give her time which I did. But before then I asked her when am I likely to her from her, she said in a month interval I said ok.
After a month I asked her how far, she said I should still give her time but at this point we are relating very well as I normally spend time with her after work. There are some days she will demand I pass a night with her and I will do it because I love her but I never allowed sex.
In the morning I will first wake up and observe my quiet time, thereafter I will wake her up and we will pray together, then I will leave to my house and prepare and leave for work. This continued, then one morning after my prayer she asked me was it that I don't have feelings for her? I told her I do of course but this is not yet the time for it owing to my plan, and that I made my intention clear which she said ok.
After some weeks she told me to come again, that she was ready to tell me all I needed to know about her and the family. So I went when I returned from work that day which happened to be Friday, so I will not be going to work the next morning. Through the night I tried everything possible for her to tell me what she promised to tell me, she said I should relaxed, was she not the one that called me hence when its time she will tell me. Now through the night she said nothing to me but she was crying never disclosed what the issue was, we prayed and slept off. In the morning after prayer, she told me a lot about her, of a truth she has a very bad family history but I told her that I didn't come for her family but her, and her family background will never change my decision.
Immediately I asked her if she will marry me, in tears she said yes and I was very joyous. I lack words to explain how joyful I was that very morning that I laughed all through the day. Before now I have told her little I know about myself and family. I even told her I don't know my real age because my grand parents said they were not there when I was born but they assumed what could be my age then.
I have started introducing her to my friends as my wife, even my cousins, because my grand parents are late and I'm the only issue. Now I desired to know her parents but she refused to take me to them saying that her father is very strict person being my type of person, I did not want to persuade her.
After about two months, I had holidays from my place of work, so I traveled to Lagos to spend my holidays. Some days towards the end of my holidays I observed that untill I call her I will not hear from her, and I was worried because it was strange to me but when I asked her, she will tell me nothing. This continued till I finally returned. With gifts and those my cousin brother gave me to give to her, I went to her house. I was not welcomed as usual and was crying on seeing me, I became very much confused. I started crying too telling her that whatever it was that I did, that she should please forgive me but deep down inside me I know I did nothing to her. After some hours she said I lied to her about myself, on hearing that I became more confused. I then asked her how? She said I traveled to my village to make resarch about who my biological parents was. For sake of my love for her I agreed and sought for permission from my place of work even when I have not resumed after my holidays oh, thank God the permission was granted.
Do you know when I got to the village, I was faced with the challenge of who knew the history of my late father, even if I should see him today I can't even identify him. I was being referred from one elderly one to another till finally I got one that agreed to tell me the truth about my biological parents.
In summary, my biological father was an armed robber.
I returned and told her exactly what I found out, since then till this moment, she left me. And when I compared her background, I think mine is better off but I accepted her.
Now ma, what's your take on this because now that I know the truth, I will not chicken out from it, though it pains to know I am a son to an armed robber,  but God is the one that chose him to be my father so what do you advice along side with your fans.

Rejoice and celebrate because God has indeed been faithful to you. To imagine that even as an orphan, God's grace found you is an amazing testimony to God's faithfulness.
If what you heard from the elderly man be true, you don't need to be pained because the cross of calvary separated your path from that of your father. Grace established you even when you had no one to cheer and encourage you when you were down. You don't need to compare your journey with that of your partner, and you shouldn't even be begging to be loved or accepted by any individual or a lady. 
Once you are convinced that she has moved on with her life, please bid her goodbye and pray that God blesses you with your own wife. God cannot give you a partner who doesn't even understand his purpose for her life, or one who judges you by the error of your dad. 
Hold on to your conviction, draw closer to God, and keep trusting him for your own wife. What you need is a lady who will give you peace and fulfillment in your journey, not one who makes you feel inadequate and unworthy to live. 
Like the word of God says, all things work together for our good, to them who love God and are called according to his purpose. Draw closer to God, and allow him to bless you with your own wife. 

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