Friday, June 23, 2017

I Don't Want the Marriage Anymore!

Dear Aunty Amara, I do not find happiness in my marriage anymore. There are lots of issue, like lack of care, silent treatment (which can for five to six months if you ask for forgiveness), negligence when it comes to there welfare and school fees(most times I would pay when I'm tired of asking or when they are driven away from school).
There is no communication, he doesn't tell me his whereabout, I get to know most times through his conversation on the phone. He gives me conditions, if can't do this or that, then stay back in your parents house.
Right now, we are not together, he denied me access to my belongings, until I bring back his kids(kids that he doesn't care about). Meanwhile, he was the one that asked me not to enter his house anymore. This is as a result of me trying to fight for my right. Actually, he gave me a day notice to prepare for Christmas travel the next day, when I haven't arranged anything for the travel, or even made my hair. So, I went to fix my hair and he informed my dad that I shouldn't enter his house anymore.
As it is now, I don't even want to continue anymore. All I want is access to my things and the welfare of my kids which he has practically refused to shoulder. Please ma, I desperately needs your advice on what to do as I'm left with little or nothing to fend for my kids.


I feel that the first approach is to schedule a meeting with his family so that they can intervene in the issues that are troubling your marriage. 
If that was done and there was no appreciable improvement, then you may need to consider hiring a good lawyer who will advise you on the best way to get access to your properties, and secure the custody of your children.
You may also consult the welfare of your state for suggestions on how to get him to provide for your children. Sadly, the legal system in Nigeria doesn't have the framework to enforce these laws. So even if the court mandates him to provide child support, he may still end up not doing anything. 

This is the time for you to organize yourself and think of ways to make ends meet, so that you can cater for the need of your children.

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