Thursday, June 22, 2017

Am I Hard to Men?

Ma, thanks for your attention to those who comes to you. Please I want to know if I am being hard to a man
demanding sex before marriage.
I am not comfortable doing that, but it is now very common, and they call it tasting. Thanks

If they are genuinely interested in marriage, sex won't be their priority, but when they are only interested in sex, they will manipulate a lady to sex using marriage promises, and then dump her afterwards. 
As a lady, exposing yourself to sex before marriage is never in your favor, it exposes you to unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted infection, and emotional deceit. 
To avoid such, it is in your best interest to prayerfully wait for a man who will respect your decision, and also honor your body. 
If marriage will make you naked before your husband, why taste that which will still be unraveled by him in due time? 
It may be challenging to wait for the right man, but do not reduce your standards because you may end up with regrets and disappointment.

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