Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What Should I Do to Save our Relationship of Three Years?

May God bless you immensely. Aunty please, I had a misunderstanding two weeks ago with my boo. The cause of the misunderstanding was that I had always suspected him of cheating on me because of his  nonchalant attitude towards me
(he doesn't remember my birthday, sometimes  I will call he won't pick, most at times if I call he would be on a very long call with someone on the phone), although I don't have any evidence of himcheating on me.
On that day, I got so angry to the extent of calling off the relationship... I apologized immediately I got hold of myself, but he refused to accept me back, telling me that he has forgiven me but I should give him time to think about it.
This is a three years old relationship that is about to go down the drain... I love him so much and I can't afford to lose him. I've apologized and apologized yet he has hardened his heart.
Should I keep on apologizing or try and move on with my life. Ma, please I need your advice. Thanks


It's possible that in these three years of dating him, you have been the one begging to love him, to stay in his life, and to sustain the relationship. 
It's possible that he has been tolerating you, and was looking for an excuse to dump you. 
Now that he has gotten one, he's not willing to take chances with it. 
There are things you shouldn't beg for, and being loved is one of them. If he doesn't love you, or desire you well enough to be in a relationship with you, there is absolutely no need to continue begging to be in his life. 
Take a walk, dust yourself off from his life, and move on with your life. He's a good man, but you deserve a better man who will love you, and be patient with you even when you offend him. 
I feel that your best option is to move on and give yourself some dignity and value. 
You will be fine I assure you that, you will definitely be fine.

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